Singer/Songwriter/ Performer/Ukulele & Singing teacher. Managing:

UKE Nomad – Jazz/Folk Duo
The Pop-Up Ukestra – Community Music
Dragonuke Kids Show – Schools and Kindy’s
Halelujah Baby – 5 peice Festival band.

Anu Grace Music is touring Outback Australia, New Zealand, Scotland & The States in 2018.

  By the end of 2018 we will be fully mobile with our Dragonuke Bus and ready to deliver a package of engaging Performances & Workshops throughout Australasia. Read on to see just what we can offer!!

Here’s where you will find info on:

HALELUJAH BABY ~ Our 5 piece Festival and Events band based in Northern Australia.

UKE NOMAD ~ our Contemporary Folk /Rock /Jazz Performance Duo. How about a House concert for your friends and community!

THE POP-UP UKESTRA  ~ A group learning approach to playing and singing popular music on the Ukulele in a fun, social setting!

DRAGONUKE KIDS SHOW – favourite stories and songs with kids playing along on the uke

WEDDINGS ~ We have extensive wedding experience and can ‘flute the bride’ into ceremonial space.

We include songs you request into our repertoire and even write a song for the occasion!

Halelujah Baby

 Our 5 piece Festival and Events band based in Northern Australia. 

 Hard core Ukulele music, steampunked folk/jazz/country. Cool lead guitar with beautiful rich harmonies accentuate songs composed by Anu Grace about Love and Life on the edge.

Anu Grace

UKE Nomad

A favorite at clubs, bars, weddings, corporate events and festivals Anu & Laurie deliver easy listening music that adds atmosphere and charm to any event.

Pop-Up Ukestra

A group learning approach to playing popular music on the ukulele in a fun, social setting!


‘DRAGON UKE’ ~ – our website dedicated to teaching Ukulele and Singing. Also our Travelling Dragonuke Kids show featuring Clarissa & Ralph playing favourite story songs for kids on ukulele.

Halelujah Baby

Halelujah Baby is a 5 piece Folk/rock Band based in Nth Qld, Australia and is available for Corporate and Festival Events. 

UKE Nomad

 Folk/Jazz Duo

Anu Grace & Laurie Bycroft.

 Tenor &Bass Ukulele, lead a& harmony vocals, flute  


Re-Connect Tour New Zealand 2018

January - March 2018. Following our 2017 footsteps we will again tour mostly the South Island offering House Concerts and Workshops/Ukestras performing the songs we wrote about the places & people we visited last year.

Genine and Sharon

Community Music

The Pop-up Ukestra - connecting with rural/remote community through group learning and performing on the Ukulele. Suitable for ages 8-108 and catering to all skill levels.