Halelujah BABY

 5 piece Festival and Events Band.

Corby Green ~lead Guitar, Sophie Thompson ~ Keys and backing vocals, Paula Swanson ~Drums, Laurie Bycroft ~Bass and sound engineering, Anu Grace ~ Tenor Uke, Flute and lead vocals.

Halelujah Baby, based in Northern Australia is available for Corporate Events and Festivals.

Love from Woodfordia

Halelujah Baby's recording 'Love from Woodfordia' is a collection of original folk rock/jazz music, swung off a concert Luna ukulele with rich harmonic and orchestral harmonic overlays. Subtitled ‘A Journey Home' it tracks a return to Australia after many years away, yet on a deeper vein, it marks the inner sense of being home in the heartbeat of ones’ body.


Anu Grace Music

Tell Me A Story

'Tell me a Story' is an epic album with roots reaching way back. One of these songs was written 25 years ago and only now surfaces. The manhole cover Art is symbolic of the mask we wear to hide true feeling.

'Tell me a Story' features two favourite epic cover songs 'Quiet Joys' & Tim Buckley's 'Song to the Siren'. Also 'Hold True'- an original song of marking ones' inner truth in this 'post-truth' world. While the madness plays itself out, let the music help us remember to believe in Love as the core essence of who we are.

Released January 6, 2017

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