One Pop-Up Song

Calling all hairbrush Diva’s, vacuuming Rock Queens, shower Opera singers and esp. those that haven’t yet dared to let their cat outta the bag   ….. yet!


 ~ One rehearsal ~ One song ~ One performance ~

Want to find a quick way to engage a crowd and get them into the spirit of things?
One Pop-Up Song involves just one hour preparation then a performance with a backing band.
No technique,  ongoing practice or commitment, no memorisation, just a big community alignment through a song! Great for your next Festival!

Why? Coz all that deep breathing, singing & smiling just makes your heart happy. A big community song is like a big group sigh of happiness - you can’t sing & frown at the same time!

Free Your Voice

Original vocal warm-ups, games, exercises  and acapella songs to help free your voice and develop your confidence. 

Free Your Voice Anu Grace

The James Hill Ukulele Method

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Pop Up Ukestras

Pop Up Ukestras are a great  way to connect with people and bring a new passion for music. Experience the joy of ukulele.