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Love From Woodfordia (album cover)

Love From Woodfordia – A Journey Home

Love from Woodfordia is a new collection of original jazz, folk rock music  swung on a concert ukulele with rich harmonic and orchestral overlays and  fantastic guitar, sax  and flute solos. Lyrically up front and personal,  the songs are rhythmic and catchy to both heart and ear. Read more >>

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Dragon Uke: A Play-along Ukulele CD  with downloadable chords/lyrics.

Dragon Uke is a simple progressive method of teaching ukulele to groups, developed over 5 years of teaching in New Zealand Primary Schools. Aimed at children 5-10 years, it is a delightful collection of songs  read more >>

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The Chocolate Fish Band: Scandalicious

Scandalicious really was inspired out of the cool rhythms we were getting into with Alain Koestier’s drumming. He brings a panache and colour that is really exciting. It started out as a recording in a big French Villa  read more >>

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The Chocolate Fish Band: Live At Vino Vino

This album was recorded live at Vino Vino cafe one evening by Mahana of Audio Arts-bung notes and all, but there is still something about the rawness of this album I love. read more >>

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Music For Bedtime: Lullabies for the child at heart

Dinner, bath time, bedtime – it’s a hectic time in a young family’s day. When recording this music I consciously slowed my own nervous system and brain waves  to entrain the listener to calmness  read more >>

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A Gift Of Stories And Song

With the recent crisis in Christchurch, the Given Grace Trust was reactivated to raise funds for this current ‘Compilation of Therapeutic Stories and Songs for Children of Christchurch’. read more>>

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