~ a Journey Home

Love From Woodfordia – A Journey Home

Love from Woodfordia is a new collection of original jazz, folk rock music  swung on a concert ukulele with rich harmonic and orchestral overlays and  fantastic guitar, sax  and flute solos. Lyrically up front and personal,  the songs are rhythmic and catchy to both heart and ear.

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Anu Grace Music


‘Tell me a Story’ is an epic album with roots reaching way back-one of these songs written 25 years ago only now surfaces. The manhole cover Art is symbolic of the mask we wear to hide true feeling.

‘Tell me a Story’ features two favourite epic cover songs ‘Quiet Joys’ & Tim Buckley’s ‘Song to the Siren’. ‘Hold True’ is an original song marking ones’ own truth in this ‘post-truth’ world. While the madness plays itself out, let the music help us remember to believe in Love as the core essence of who we are.

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~ a play-along Children's Uke Cd with downloadable lyrics & chord charts

Dragon-Uke is a simple progressive collection of songs that kids really love. Aimed at children 4-10 years, it is a delightful collection that kids can learn to play along with. Includes ‘Row your boat’, Lion sleeps tonight’  amongst fun original songs.

listen and downloadable charts 

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The Pop-Up Ukestra Tee

 Choose from 3 different Pop-Up Ukestra designs on a variety of T-shirt styles (including hoodies), colours, styles and sizes. Red Bubble will post you the T- Shirt in a few days of purchase!   Voila!


‘Scandalicious’ was inspired from the cool rhythms we were getting into with Alain Koestier’s drumming. He brings an exciting panache and colour.  Recorded ‘live’ in a big French Villa  on Waiheke Island NZ with Peter Reilly ~Guitar, Chris Orange ~Bass, Anu Grace ~Flute/Vocals, Alan Koestier ~Drums, Kushal ~Sax. 

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'Live at Vino Vino'

This album was recorded ‘live’ at Vino Vino cafe one evening by Mahana of Audio Arts on a reel to reel. There is still something about the rawness of this album I love- bung notes and all.  Features ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’, ‘Blue moon’, ‘My Funny Valentine’ and ‘You don’t know what Love is.’

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Lullabies for the Child at Heart

Dinner, bath time, bedtime – it’s a hectic time in a young family’s day. When recording this music, I consciously slowed my own brain waves to entrain the listener to calmness and bring some peacefulness to the household. There’s definitely a little bit of magic in this CD! 

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A GIFT of STORIES & SONG & guided relaxations

 When the Earthquake crisis struck Christchurch in in 2011, Delaine Jones &the Given Grace Trust was activated to raise funds for this current ‘Compilation of Therapeutic Stories and Songs for Children of Christchurch’. Please feel free to download whatever tracks ae of interest. There are stories from the wonderful Tanya Batt, Tina Cross singing Hush Little Baby, Gyan Evans (Australia), Ukulele Bart and guided relaxation journeys to assist kids in trauma. 

Lullabies and Songs:

1. Intro & Somewhere over the Rainbow with Jonti, Gabe and Jean Fraser-Hoult. With Peter Reilly on guitar.
Love to you from the kids of Auckland.
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2. Hush Little Baby – Tina Cross and Rob Galley 
Tina’s beautiful rendition of a perennial favourite.
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3. Maori Lullabies – Pita Rikys and Anu Grace 
Maori blessing wishing you ‘Moe Mai ‘.
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4. Come Settle You Down  – Gyan Evans
A beautiful country lullaby written for a friend in Christchurch before the Quake.
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5. Deep Sleep – Anu Grace
A flowing stream of liquid lullaby light.
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6. Nothing Lasts Forever – Starfish Magic
Lovely song emphasising that ‘change’ is part of   the natural cycle of life.
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7. Be Mine – Ukulele Bart
Fun song written especially for Christchurch kids.
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8. The Will To Guide – Eden Roberts
Written by a young teen recognizing the ‘Soul’ that is uncovered at times like these.
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9. Why Trees Loose Their Leaves – Tanya Batt with Craig Denham
Tanya’s delightful story /song inspecting change from an insects point of view.
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10. Jacks Dream – Anu Grace and Anthony Milas
Whimsical dreamscape, kereru dolphin Journey.
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11. Shakin All The Way Down To Your Boots  – Francis Evans and Grant Bridger
A story of a small boy who meets challenges with success.
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12. The Cat That Could – Lynette Davies
A cat that mastered chaos and found a happy home.
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Guided Relaxation:

13. Peace Bubble  – Willow Stewart 
Expand your bubble of peace and wellbeing all around you.
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14. Childrens Relaxation Journey – Elizabeth Blaikie
Guided meditation.
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15. Childrens Rainbow Journey – Gerald Lopez
Guided meditation.
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16. Sleep Journey – Francis Evans
How Darim learned to quieten his mind.
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The James Hill Ukulele Method

Accredited teacher Level 3


Private Lessons in Ukulele and Voice

Pop Up Ukestras

Pop Up Ukestras are a great  way to connect with people and bring a new passion for music. Experience the joy of ukulele.