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Dragon Uke

A play-along Ukulele CD with teaching notes and downloadable chord/lyric charts.

Developed over 5 years teaching Ukulele in Nz primary Schools, “Dragon Uke” is a simple progressive method of teaching Ukulele to groups pitched for children 5-10 years.

Dragon Uke is a delightful collection of songs – some old, some new,  all of them fun. Designed  to capture kids imaginations & voices and inspire them in their ukulele playing, these songs appeal to adults as well. With busy teachers in mind, I designed this so each song and page builds on the one before. The warmups to each song are important to develop chord changing and memorize the chord sequence before singing the song.

The Downloadable Charts are found next to each song snippet at left and can be used as teaching plans. Chord sequences of a song are taught before approaching lyrics to enable easier chord changes and develop musicality for the song. Strum beats are depicted over the words sung to make the rhythm easier.

And of course then you have the Dragon Uke CD to play along with. The first 7 songs have the chords spoken as played so no paper charts are required. Repetition is all -powerful, so these basic chords and songs need to be played over & over. I hope you enjoy this and find it useful. Love to hear your feedback.                                                         Anu Grace 6/12/12

Listen To Dragon Uke:

1. C2C   (download chord chart)

2. Row Your Boat   (download chord chart)

3. A Minor Song   (download chord chart)

4. The G7 Song   (download chord chart)

5. Little Red Caboose   (download chord chart)

6. The Big Train Song   (download chord chart)

7. The Lion Sleeps Tonight   (download chord chart)

8. Snowman   (download chord chart)

9. Diggers On The Road   (download chord chart)

10. My Teddy Bear   (download chord chart)

11. Baby Rhinoceri And I   (download chord chart)

12. As I Set Off For Turkey   (download chord chart)

13. The Laughing Song   (download chord chart)