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Music For Bedtime

Lullabies for the child at heart

Dinner, bathtime, bedtime – it’s a hectic time in a young family’s day. I wrote and recorded this music consciously slowing my nervous system and brain waves  to entrain the listener to calmness. It is therefore written for adults as much as  children to bring a feeling of golden Love and Peace to the household at bedtime.

My son, now 11 still asks for this to be put on at night. Favourite instruments used are a 100 year ebony flute, my beloved dulcimer and planetary tuning forks.  Many tracks were written as we crossed to Devonport on the ferry from Waiheke and laid down spontaneously at Rikki Morris’s Studio – such was the nature of the creative collaboration with Antt Milas on this album, who designed the Album cover and co-wrote Jack’s Dream – my favourite.

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