Anu facilitates a variety of Workshops to engage Uke players in further learning and singing.

Ukulele Chord Melody

 There is an Art to playing the Uke as both a chordal and a melodic instrument at the same time. This workshop sets you up with a basic understanding of  how to incorporate melody as the lead line on top of the chord.

Free Your Voice

Original vocal warmups, games & exercises to free your voice and develop your confidence. 

Singing the Strings

'Singing the Strings' - a simple way of understanding harmony using the 4 strings of your ukulele. Great for groups wanting to sing part harmonies.

James Hill Ukulele Method

James Hill is undoubtedly a Master ukulele player and teacher. His method "The Ukulele Way" is a thorough and comprehensive approach with great instructive videos for learning the uke to a high level. This is a recommended  approach for anyone wanting to learn uke and Anu Grace can facilitate this learning curve for both individuals and remote learning groups.


The James Hill Ukulele Method

The difference between the new ukulele players who give up and those who achieve their dream of making music is that they follow a clear step-by-step roadmap to sequentially learning the ukulele.


Private Lessons in Ukulele and Voice

Pop Up Ukestras

Pop Up Ukestras are a great  way to connect with people and bring a new passion for music. Experience the joy of ukulele.